Most people would agree that President Donald Trump is the most outspoken President to ever take the Oval Office. Like him or not, Trump is in the news 24/7 and the drama surrounding him on a daily basis is like any other before him. Now, with the current ongoing Russian investigation taking place, many people, mostly on the Democratic Party side, are wondering if and when President Trump will be impeached.

Impeachment wagers increase

Time will tell if President Trump really did do anything wrong, let alone something of an impeachable offense. Nevertheless, with all of the hoopla surrounding Trump, one thing that has grown in strength is the prop bet wagering on Trump’s Presidency.

While wagering on Trump’s smorgasbord of prop bets isn’t allowed here in the US, it is very popular overseas, especially with online sportsbook giants Paddy Power and Ladbrokes. The latest odds on President Trump being impeached have shrunk once again, with the President now listed at 9/4 to be replaced via impeachment or resignation before the year is out. They previously were 14/2 or higher.

Now, if you're in the majority who believes that all of the Trump impeachment talk is a bunch of nonsense, including Geraldo Rivera who believes the odds of President Trump being removed from office is zero percent, then this next prop bet could be perfect for you.

If you believe President Trump will make it through the first four years of his term and get reelected for a second term, you could score big. Paddy Power has laid odds of 50/1 on the prop bet "Trump to leave the White House in 2024."

That could result in a big payday for gamers.

Other Trump novelty props

Will there or won’t there be a wall?

President Trump ran on the promise that he will “build a wall” at the US-Mexico border and Mexico will pay for it. Odds makers believe that some activity on the border wall will begin in 2017. The odds are listed at 1/5 that some action will begin on reconstructing the wall before December 31, 2017.

As for Mexico paying for the wall?

That is a long shot, but if you believe President Trump can pull that deal off, then you could make some good cash off of it. The odds are set at 25/1 that Mexico will pay for the wall.

How about some prop bets about Russia? Some of these prop bets are pretty outrageous, yet they are out there!

Will Donald Trump have a Russian airport named after him? If you believe so, the odds are 66/1. How about Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin receiving a joint Nobel Peace Prize? That seems a bit more realistic according to odds makers as that prop is set at 25/1.

While we never know what is going to happen in the future, it has become very evident that people love to wager on it.