When Donald Trump was elected president following a shocking upset win over Hillary Clinton last November, many were also surprised to find out that the new First Lady Melania Trump would take some time to join him in Washington. After Melania tweeted about her long-awaited move into the White House, social media critics were quick to hit back.

Melania's moving day

Not long after Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president back in June 2015, questions were raised as to what role his wife Melania Trump would have on the campaign. In the months that would follow, the future first lady was kept away from the press until her spotlight speech at the Republican National Convention last summer.

While initially receiving praise, Melania quickly came under fire when it became apparent that her speech was partly plagiarized from one that was given years earlier by former First Lady Michelle Obama. Since then, Melania has been kept mostly out of the public eye, only making appearances along side her husband from time to time. After the election, it was announced that Melania and 11-year-old son Barron Trump would remain in New York City until the school year ended, raising further questions about the relationship status of the first couple. As seen on her Twitter feed on June 11, Melania finally announced that she had moved into the White House.

Taking to her Twitter account on Sunday night, Melania Trump made the move to head to Washington, D.C.

"Looking forward to the memories we'll make in our new home!" she tweeted before using the hashtag "#Movingday." As expected, Melania's move drew mocking and trolling from critics of the president, as the partisan divide in the United States was on full display across social media.

Twitter reacts

Within minutes of Melania Trump tweeting out about her move into the White House, Twitter quickly erupted in opposition.

"Oh you poor thing. You have to look at him every day now," comedian Kristina Wong wrote, before adding in a follow-up tweet, "I like that you got a picture of the biggest phallus in DC to make up for 'Tiny Donny' in your husband's pants."

"Don't get too comfortable," songwriter Holly O'Reilly added.

"Barron looks how we, the majority, feel," another tweet read, while attaching a photo of the younger Trump looking miserable in a car headed to the White House.

"BLINK TWICE IF YOU'RE BEING HELD CAPTIVE," Jules Suzdaltsev tweeted. "Like when you serve him with divorce papers or when he finds out he's indicted or when he gets led out in cuffs? I can't wait either," an additional message noted. As the trolling continued it became more than clear that even moving into the White House has become a partisan tool to create division among the American people.