The US President Donald Trump has vowed to withdraw from the Paris accord. Mr. Trump has claimed that the accord is a punishment to the American people and that it would cost US citizens millions of jobs.

President Trump issued an address on Thursday confirming that the US would no longer subscribe to the #Paris Climate accord. Critics have hit back and claim that his remarks will weaken efforts to mitigate global warming through reduction of gas emissions.

American interests first

The President was so emphatic in his campaign pledge of the “America first” foreign policy guideline.

Mr. Trump said, “It would have been unreasonable that an international agreement could prevent the United States from conducting its own internal affairs.” The American boss perceives the Paris agreement as an attack on its sovereignty.

Nevertheless, the head of state said that he was ready to negotiate a new treaty or subscribe to the accord on improved terms. Mr. Trump believes that the #Paris agreement was aimed to stumble and weaken the United States.

Mr. Trump asserted that the accord would affect its GDP at a cost of $3 trillion and 6.5 million jobs. He further claimed that countries like India and China were treated favorably in the Paris accord.

However, #Mr. Trump failed to give a timescale.

According to the agreement binding the member states, a country seeking withdrawal from the pact should give a notice three years after the date it joined the force.

Reactions from other leaders

Leaders of France, Italy, and Germany issued a joint statement a few minutes after Trump’s remarks. The 3 countries maintained that the Paris Accord was irrevocable and there would be no more renegotiation.

President Macron of France reproached Mr. Trump. “Make our planet great again," stated Mr. Macron.

United Nations boss #Antonio Guterres, through his spokesman, has referred to the incident as a great disappointment. According to BBC, The European Union described the incident as a gloomy day for the world.

Reports by BBC indicate that Former US President Barack Obama criticized the action and accused the incumbent President of ignoring the posterity.

Mr. Obama added; “Countries that remain in the Paris accord will reap benefits in industrial and job creation.”

With all of the pull back and outrage from citizens and world leaders alike, there are going to be some big things happening in the future. President Trump also went against his daughter's wishes and pulled out.