From the hysterical reaction to President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord, one would have thought that he had ordered a nuclear strike on Cancun, abolish Medicare, or personally crash one of those female-only “Wonder Woman” screenings. Because the United States is no longer a party to the agreement, the planet will be set ablaze, the oceans will inundate the eastern and western seaboards, and house cats will become extinct. Grabien News has thoughtfully compiled some of the sillier hot takes.

The political class screams and leaps

Those people on the left who are convinced that Trump in the White House is the end of the world got their confirmation. Former President Obama, who helped to lead the United States to the Paris agreement, sniffed that now the country will be one of the few that “rejects the future.”

Former Secretary of State John Kerry declared that the decision was the most shameful ever taken by an American president. Former Vice President Al Gore said that Trump was in opposition with the majority of Americans. The governors of New York, California, and Washington State vowed that they would continue to adhere to the dictates of the agreement.

The media gets particularly hysterical

Some in the media fell over themselves trying to be the most outraged and outrageous. Dan Rather psychoanalyzed the president, saying that he acted out of “rage” and that he was “scared.” Fareed Zakaria stated that Trump had caused the United States to resign as the world leader. Donny Deutsch proclaimed that the president of the United States is a “sociopath.”

Brian Williams of the same network said that Trump’s speech was “very dark.” Cartoonist Davie Rowe of the Australian Financial Review invoked Kathy Griffin by depicting the president as having decapitated the planet.

The New York Daily News ran a headline, “Trump to World: Drop Dead.”

The entertainment industry is what one might expect

Hollywood reacted as one might expect, as Fox News noted. Actor Mark Ruffalo declared that Trump would have the deaths of whole nations on his hands. Leonardo DeCaprio tweeted that “Today, our planet suffered.” Don Cheadle decided to bring Trump’s son Barron into the mix, sarcastically saying, “Barron will thank you when he sees you, whenever that is.”

When will things begin to calm down?

Eventually, the hysteria will die down as people note that the ice caps have not melted, Malibu and Miami are not under water, and hurricanes are not devastating the Gulf Coast every other week.

By that time, the chattering class will have something else to have a meltdown about. The rest of us will continue to wonder if half of humanity has a mental disorder so often they leap the lengths of their chains.