President Donald Trump has cautioned that U.S patience with North Korea “is over” and has urged the international community to issue additional sanctions to prevent North Korea’s ballistic missile and nuclear activities.

Strengthening US – South Korea alliance

The President issued his remarks on Friday at the White House alongside South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in. The U.S President vowed to “strengthen the US – South Korea alliance.” Mr. Trump added that: “The period of strategic patience with the North Korean administration has been unsuccessful…Our aim is peace, stability and prosperity in the region.

But the U.S will protect itself – always will protect itself. And we will always protect our allies.”

Moon on the other hand said that: “Our two leaders will hire both sanctions and conversation in a segmented and an all-inclusive approach.” Like Trump, he promised a “firm response to any additional provocations.”

U.S issue sanctions to a Chinese bank

President Trump had higher hopes of convincing both China and South Korea to unleash more restrictions on Pyongyang, but he has lately been frustrated by Beijing. On Thursday, U.S issued sanctions on a Chinese bank accused of laundering North Korean money, a move that triggered an angry response from China.

Chinese shipping company and two Chinese citizens were also sanctioned, in a move to cut funds to North Korea’s weapons activities.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told the media that: “We will trail the money and cut off the money.” Mnuchin refuted claims that the sanctions were sparked due to Chinese inaction on North Korea. Instead, he said that: “This is not directed at China, it is directed to a bank, as well as individuals and firms in China.”

According to BBC, a foreign ministry spokesperson requested the U.S to “halt wrongful actions to prevent harming co-operation between the two countries.” U.S has been advocating for tougher actions amid a range of Pyongyang missile tests.

Trump’s administration to defend its citizens and allies

The U.S President said that his administration was “working closely with Japan and South Korea, among other partners around the world, on a series of security, diplomatic and economic aspects to defend allies and our citizens from the menace of North Korea.”

Trump said that his administration was on the process of renegotiating what he termed as a rough trade deal between the U.S with South Korea. Trump said that: “We will do more to eliminate barriers to mutual trade and market access.”