What will happen if #jared kushner is forced to step down from his role at the White House? What will become of him and his starry, famous, presently powerful wife #Ivanka Trump when they lose the prestige and power that the Trump presidency has afforded them?

Kushner's father was actually convicted of fraud when he was at college and went to jail. As the Washington Post reported on the weekend, Kushner took over the family real estate business, made some bad loans and bought some expensive buildings, to the tune of $1.8 billion. Then when he couldn’t refinance, he used his newspaper, #The New York Observer, to try and dig up dirt on the uncooperative bank that wouldn’t help him out with a re-finance package.

This is known as a no-no in most conversations about ethics and one wonders at the moral fiber of such an operator.

Kushner had also lived with a father who had been publicly shamed and taken down. It would seem of course Shakespearian that a similar sort of thing could happen to #Kushner… but it's starting to look like a possibility.

It's already clear that Kushner was a shark in the shark-infested waters of New York real estate. Now he is trying to stay afloat in the thorny and infested backwaters of the Washington DC swamp.

This new #crisis now risks both the huge responsibility he has with the Middle East as well as his job and power at the White House under his father-in-law President Trump, as well as his reputation, something that may be more crucial for him to keep intact.