In the few months that Trump has been in the throne, Republicans have achieved few of their #legislative priorities. Case in point: repealing the #Affordable Care Act. Second case in point: cutting taxes. Both have been drained and weakened by chaos and confusion in the White House with daily and weekly dramas cutting off decent Senate or House support.

So when President Trump suggested in the last few weeks that Senate rules and regulations should change so that it is easier for #Republicans to garner their bills through swiftly, Senator Mitch McConnell roundly and coherently rejected the notion.

Lawmakers are also diverging from the presidential agenda, if you could call it that, by forging through with #bipartisan measures and controls on stronger sanctions against Russia. Republicans also said no this month to many of the trump administration’s priorities put forward as part of a short-term spending measure, which had in it some funds to build a wall along the US/Mexican border

It's clear that there are signs of weariness and change afoot in the Republican Party, and that most of this is being played out in the Senate. Watch this space to see what happens next in a confused washington.