Reports that Donald Trump was suffering from exhaustion during his first overseas trip erupted earlier in the week when he misspoke during a speech in Israel. The jet lag, time change, and frantic schedule demanded of him was believed to have gotten the best of him. When he referred to Islamic extremists as "Islamist extremists," a White House official reasoned that Trump was "just an exhausted guy."

Trump needed a golf cart

Another incident has unfolded that could be taken as Donald Trump suffering from exhaustion. To be fair, it could be interpreted another way.

According to The Hill, when six other World Leaders of the G7 summit decided to walk 700 yards up a hill to take a group photo in Taormina, Sicily, Trump lagged behind. He decided to wait for a golf cart to pick him up instead of joining the rest of the group. The six other leaders were from Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Italy and Japan. Trump was reportedly late for the photo, but went along with them for the walk down the hill.

Perhaps Donald Trump didn't want to walk with the rest of the group for whatever reason. He differs with them on a great many issues, but he did walk with them on the way back, which was downhill. The President is at the end of his 9-day tour and is presumably ready to return home -- despite the fact he'll have more battles to fight when he gets back to Washington.

In that case, he'll realize what real exhaustion is going to be with the Russian investigation advancing more each day.

Trump skewered political opponent for exhaustion

On the 2016 campaign trail, Trump ridiculed his opponent, Hillary Clinton, for lacking stamina. He skewered her for appearing to suffer from exhaustion and being unable to keep up with attending her own rallies around the country.

He also dubbed former Republican presidential candidate, Jeb Bush, as having "low energy."

Trips to Mar-a-Lago a way to relieve exhaustion?

Trump maintained a busy schedule flying all around the country during the campaign. He showed little if any signs of fatigue or exhaustion. As one can imagine, being President of the United States, is an entirely different game.

Trump vowed that he wouldn't take any vacations because so much work needed to be done in Washington, but he has flown in Air Force One to Mar-a-Lago most weekends since he was inaugurated. The president is seen golfing and luxuriating at his sprawling Florida estate. He justifies his weekend getaways by saying he also performs work duties at Mar-a-Lago, but few are buying it. Are the mini-vacations a way to relieve his exhaustion from the arduous tasks he must perform at the White House?