U.S. national security officials assured the world that military confrontation with North Korea is not imminent. The announcement came early on Sunday, despite the continued threats of nuclear strikes lashed out by North Korea against the U.S.

U.S. claims war with North Korea is avoidable

Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster and CIA Director Mike Pompeo assured the public that conflict with North Korea is avoidable. McMaster said that the U.S. is no closer to war than a week ago, but is closer today than it was a decade ago. The joint statement was released despite the rapid growth of North Korea's ballistic program over the past few months.

However, McMaster added that the Trump administration is continually preparing the military for war if it becomes necessary.

McMaster also said that the United States is pursuing a "very diplomatic" approach in dealing with North Korea. People should not be worried about the escalation between the two countries and that U.S. Intelligence has a good grasp on the intentions and plans of Pyongyang and Kim Jong-UN. Pompeo said that N. Korean President Kim Jong-Un, despite his rhetoric is still a "rational" person who is responsive to adverse circumstances.

China urges U.S. - North Korea to maintain "cool headedness."

China, on the other hand, urged U.S. President Trump and Jong-Un for "cool headedness "on Saturday.

Chinese President Xi Jinping urged both sides to avoid exchanges of threats and to settle brewing animosities diplomatically to lessen the tension. This is after Trump said on Friday that the mere utterances of threats coming from North Korea might spark a U.S. strike.

Japan also approved another set of stringent sanctions against North Korea in line with the U.S.

policy of starving out the North to submission. South Korea continues to work hand-in-hand with the United States to monitor military movements in the North to get early warning of another series of ballistic tests in Pyongyang.

Despite this, the Trump administration continues to pressure China to exert more effort reining in Pyongyang and help halt its ballistic and nuclear program.

However, China refuses to make a significant move to stifle the North and continues to apply "lenient" reprimands on the rogue state.

Many of Trump's supporters including Sen. Lindsey Graham concurs with the president's tough stance on N. Korea. He argued that previous administrations failed to stop Pyongyang's ballistic program and that soft diplomacy is not applicable to a hostile and warmongering nation.

The United States is still strengthening its position in South Korea and is preparing its defenses against a possible missile strike from Pyongyang. Hawaii, Guam and other Pacific territories within the range of N. Korea's missiles are preparing for possible attacks and are on alert every time Pyongyang releases another litany of threats.