In response to rising tension with North Korea, Trump ordered a naval contingent to head straight to the Korean peninsula. However, North Korea has vowed that it will strike the USS Carl Vinson with their supreme missiles and blow it out of the water if provoked.

The US aircraft carrier will be joined by two Japanese warships in the Peninsula

Though the exact time of arrival of the Aircraft Carrier group in the Korean peninsula is uncertain, Japan had already deployed two warships that will join the Uss Carl Vinson on its patrol of the waters. Pyongyang sees this as a significant threat that can lead to provocation if not addressed diplomatically.

North Korea said through one of the state-regulated periodicals that their revolutionary forces are ready to sink the USS Carl Vinson with a single, super-mighty strike.

Kim Jong-Un is known to add superfluity with his description of how he would attack the US, and he makes it sure that he would make a spectacle out of his threats. However, it is still uncertain whether North Korea have successfully developed a working ICBM, as the recently reported failed missile tests show otherwise.

Is the USS Carl Vinson able to repel such an attack?

The USS Carl Vinson is a floating fortress. It has its fair share of anti-air weaponry that can thwart any “supreme attack” made by North Korea against the ship.

It also houses 90 jet planes, a fleet of helicopters and a barrage of missiles capable of hitting incoming objects from miles away. Aside from this, the cooperation of the Japanese Navy with its two warships will offer added defense against Pyongyang’s threat.

What does China have to say about the new threats lashed out by North Korea

China has ordered its air defenses to be on high alert and partially mobilized its defense troops to react to any eventuality. America hopes that China will continue its stand against North Korea and continue pressuring the country into diplomacy. It is still uncertain how China will react if war does break out.

Russia, on the other hand, is also a wild card in the whole Korean crisis and Washington is still finding ways to cooperate with Putin, especially after the diplomatic strain caused by Trump's Syrian attack.

However, just as with many simulations made by military analysts, the foremost affected when the war starts between America and North Korea is South Korea. Seoul is just a few miles from the DMZ and may be the first blood target of any North Korean war strategy. Will this tension between the US and North Korea be diffused peacefully like the Cuban missile crisis or is the world poised for another devastating world war, only time can tell?