With 217 votes, the Republicans passed the health care repeal in the House today. Now the bill will head to the Senate, and if passed, 30 million people will lose coverage. Not only that, the House voted to yes to the health care exemption for their coverage, which means they keep ObamaCare for themselves. Immediately after, Hillary Clinton responded by encouraging Americans to get out and "fight back." The American Health Association issued a statement stating that this bill should never have passed.

The House passes the health care bill

Many representatives admitted that they passed to repeal ObamaCare without reading the bill.

They read parts of it and felt it was a good replacement.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said the Senate would not be as easy to pass as they want to read it, add amendments to it, and wait for the Congressional Budget Office to analyze the document. Graham expressed that President Trump celebrated a tad too early because it's possible that it won't pass in Senate.

American Medical Association responded with a desire statement

According to Occupy Democrats, the AMA released an urgent message after learning the House passed the Trumpcare bill.

Andrew Gurman, president of the AMA, said that the bill would result in million losing their health insurance. He added that the bill allows insurance providers to go back to a time where they could have sky high premiums, making coverage out of the question for millions of people.

Gurman urges the Senate to go their homework.

He begs them to research the bill and keep the poverty to middle class in mind, knowing that this plan could send 30-40 million people off insurance.

Hillary Clinton responded

Clinton has been silent for months. Just recently she has stepped out to speak out against Trump's regime. It seemed fitting that the person that helped President Obama develop the Health Care Act would speak out and give her opinion about it.

Hillary Clinton, who lost her bid for the White House in November, said that the Republican vote to repeal ObamaCare is "shameful, a failure, and immoral."

Hillary stated that now is not the time to sit back. The country needs to band together and resist these changes that will hurt millions of people. She urges Americans to really examine what Trump is trying to pass and to fight back.

Clinton added that Trump's camp is planning on the resistance tiring out.

This is when the battle is important, and she urged the anti-Trump resistance to keep fighting because in the end, "We will win!"

Elizabeth Warren, 'People will die under TrumpCare'

Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke out about the House passing the Trumpcare bill. She revealed that the plan would devastate millions of Americans. They would lose coverage and not be able to get treatment for life-threatening illness. The truth is she feels that this bill would kill millions of people.

Warren shouted to a crowd of people that this document that the House passed is not a Health Care Bill, it destroys coverage for the poor and middle class. She claims that it is the SAME bill, without any changes, that the House denied weeks ago.

She added the bill still cuts Medicaid and takes the funding away from the states to battle opioid addiction!

Elizabeth had a word of advice to the president. She said that this isn't a scorecard that you cheer when you win. Every decision that is made has a serious consequence. They are playing with peoples lives. Warren said that disease and old age hits every income level. Americans should not have to decide if they are going to pay the rent or mortgage or their medications.

The Senate said they would examine the bill for a few weeks and wait for the budget committee to give their report on the bill.