Paul Krugman revealed that the real reason that trump wanted to repeal the ACA was that it was working. He claimed that Republicans couldn't stand that people were insured and healthy, so they decided to make health coverage a 'privilege' by making it costly and reduce what it covered.

Krugman said it's a 'disaster' for 99 percent of America

The Nobel-prize winner revealed that Republicans hate health care reform. They oppose it for multiple reasons, partly because Obama's plan was paid with taxes on the wealthy. They felt that the health care act was just a "glorified" medical program ---a plan that forced the one percent to foot the health care bill for the country.

Because it works, it has to go

The main reason the Republicans want to repeal ObamaCare is that it works. They don't want the public to know that a government can enrich your life by putting policies in effect to help you, like the affordable care act.

They combat the notion by saying that Obamacare is dead. It's struggling. It's expensive. It's all just a clever way to convince the public that ObamaCare was a disaster and has to go!

According to Occupy Democrats, Krugman said that the conservatives love to distract Americans with a shiny object so they sneak around and get something approved that could have a severe negative impact on their lives.

Paul Krugman said that the truth is that ObamaCare has been a success story. He added it wasn't perfect, but it was a great plan to build on --it didn't need to be replaced!