Hillary Clinton blasted trump for using Twitter to bait North Korea into a conflict. She urged him to put his phone down and actually to call him, on a regulated White House telephone, and hash it out leader to leader. She referred to his behavior on social media as childish and implied it could have disastrous consequences for all Americans.

Clinton discourages Trump's use of Twitter

Hillary agreed that social media is a great tool but felt that President Trump uses it in a way that could be viewed as threatening to other countries. For example, she noted that his tweets about North Korea were out of line and shouldn't have been published.

She gave him a piece of

Clinton gave him a piece of advice about using social media. Before he tweets something, make sure his words are careful chosen and cannot come across as threatening or rude. She added her fear is that his harsh tweets will trigger a major conflict with another country.

Warned against meeting with North Korea

Clinton noted that North Korea, for years now, have always tried to bait whoever the US president into negotiating to put them in a better position. She cautions that unless Trump does his research and goes into the meeting prepared, it could be a complete disaster.