The American House Of Representatives adopted a bill on Thursday that annuls most of the health insurance program called "Obamacare" and replaces it with a new Republican health plan, Reuters reports. They added that it is a great victory for President Donald Trump, but also that he has a great battle in the Senate ahead of him.

With 217 votes "for" and 213 "against", Republicans have provided sufficient support to draft the bill of law at the House of Representatives, and the bill is now being sent to the Senate for consideration. No Democratic Representative voted for the proposed law.

Adopting a bill of law at the House of Representatives is a key step towards fulfilling Trump's Campaign Promise. It is a step in the direction of the realization of seven years effort by Republicans to overthrow the law of former Democratic president Barack Obama.

What will happen in the Senate?

The vote on Thursday also proved to be a political victory for President of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan, who showed that he could gather Republican rows after two unsuccessful attempts to reach a consensus on the new health insurance law.

Democrats hope that the outcome of Republican vote over Obama's withdrawal will provoke disapproval of voters during the Congressional elections next year.

Obamacare is the most promising reform that was made during the mandate of former President Barack Obama. Trump, however, said "it does not work and is not available" while the Obama administration claimed that the health insurance extended to 20 million Americans who did not have it.

Congressman criticized Trump

Before today's vote, Trump's health insurance reform proposal was withdrawn last Friday because it did not receive enough support in the ranks of its own Republican Party in Congress.

Trump was silent for a few hours and then went on a counterattack on Twitter.

"Obamacare will explode and we will all join together and prepare an excellent healthcare system for the people. Do not worry! "Trump wrote on Twitter on Saturday. Ted Lieu, a congressman who has been heavily criticizing Trump, could not endure, and he addressed the US President with a rather harsh word:

"President Trump, you are a really evil man.

Your job is to help Americans and not to intentionally destroy their lives."

Last week, Ted Lieu publicly demanded to put a stop to all Trump's plans until all ties between Trump's team and official Moscow are researched in detail. Moscow is suspected of playing an undeniable role in US presidential elections.