American President Donald Trump on Monday confirmed he was no longer in contact with former President Barack Obama, once again accusing his Democratic predecessor of eavesdropping. "We were good, but after all, we were having trouble. For me, the works are much more important than words. And you know what happened with eavesdropping, the whole world saw what happened," Trump told CBS.

"I do not think that was correct," Trump continued. In a talk with CBS This Morning, Trump reiterated that Obama was good at words, but after being eavesdropped, he was no longer in touch with him.

He told the reporter that he made the conclusions, that he had his opinion and that the interview was over. Trump accused Obama of tapping Trump Tower for the first time in early March, but this is still not confirmed by any US senior official.

Trump on Kim Jong-un

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un is a "little sly" who, despite his youth, has managed to impose himself as a leader and resist some very serious players Donald Trump said on Sunday in a conversation with CBS. He added he does not know whether the North Korean leader is normal at all. "People are wondering if he is mentally healthy. I can not say. What I can tell you is that he managed to take power at age 26 or 27 after the death of his father.

I'm sure I would say he is a pretty tricky little guy, "Trump told the show Face the Nation on the occasion of his 100 days in power.

Trump repeated his decision to remove the North Korean nuclear threat even if it would go to the expense of US trade with that Asian economic divide. "Truly, I think North Korea may be more important than trade, but trade is very important, but compared to the total war and potentially millions of dead, I would say that the importance of trafficking is behind it," Trump continued.

When asked about North Korea's unsuccessful ballistic missile testing, Trump said that the "missiles may not be very good. But in the end, they will have good missiles." But, he pointed out that they have a situation where they simply can not allow these kinds of things to keep happening." Trump did not want to talk more about possible US military options, saying it was "like a chess game" in which moves should not be announced in advance.

No money for Trump's wall

The US Congress reached an agreement on the government's finances for the 2017 fiscal year, eliminating the possibility of its blockade said Senate Democratic Minority leader Chuck Schumer. The deal has "removed the threat of government blockade," he said. The deal will enable government funding by the end of September the US media reported. A vote on the agreement is expected this week the Washington Post said. This agreement is providing money for defense, border security, and health, but not for the construction of a wall at the border with Mexico Politico reports. The bill on short-term government financing was adopted in Congress on Friday, blocking the government's blockade after the expiration of the prior approval, but it covered only the period until May 5.