Vladimir Putin's think-tank developed a plan to rotate US elections in favor of Donald Trump, which would result in American citizens losing confidence in their electoral system, US officials told Reuters. This information was reportedly provided by three present and four former US officials.

Two secret documents are the source of information

They described two secret documents from the Think-tanks that provided insights into intensifying Russia's efforts to infiltrate the 2016 election. US intelligence agents have received confidential documents prepared by the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies.

According to Reuters, the institute is led by retired Russian intelligence staff employed by Vladimir Putin's office.

The first of two documents is the strategic plan, written last June, which circled in the highest levels of Russian government. The document is recommending that the Kremlin begins with propaganda on social networks and in global media supported by the Russian government, which would encourage American voters to choose a president who will have a much closer access to Russia than Barack Obama did.

In another document from the institute, the Russian government was warned that Hilliary Clinton would most likely win the election. They, therefore, concluded that it is best for Russia to cease its propaganda by promoting Trump, and to step up the campaign by undermining the US electoral system, all while inserting the doubts about fraud in the elections.

The same document concludes and undermines Hillary Clinton's reputation with a sole purpose of reducing her chances of winning the election.

Putin had one goal all the time

Officials who talked with Reuters have refused to say how the US came into possession of documents, while the intelligence agencies refused to comment on the content of those documents.

Officials have stated that the documents were a key to Obama's conclusion that Russia launched a "campaign of false news".

"Putin had one goal all the time, so he asked the institute to draw the map for accomplishing that goal," one of the sources said. Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin deny that Russia had any connection to the election results. According to officials, none of the papers say nothing about hacking Hillary Clinton's mail. They claim it was an operation that was conducted independently by Kremlin.