It's a remarkable time for the U.S. media or as Donald Trump brands them "fake news outlets". A Democratic Senator is the latest politician to join the Trump firestorm. During an interview, she suggested that the President of the United States could be mentally unstable.

Rep. Frederica Wilson from Florida said that President Trump has taken irony to a whole new level. According to her, he should practice what he preaches, in light of the intelligence leak to Russia. On Monday, news broke that Trump had revealed classified secrets to Russian authorities.

U.S. Representative; President is mentally unstable

Wilson said after Donald Trump went through his entire campaign, chanting with his party base, "Lock her up", it now seems he is the one that should be locked up - in a mental institution. Mockingly, she asked where's Trump's ethics now, the main person calling for Hillary Rodham Clinton's arrest. The Democrat said only a pathological liar or a mentally unstable individual would go against his core values. Rep. Wilson said he craved attention by any means, therefore, he needs psychiatric help.

The Trump-Russia controversy has been an ongoing saga since the election, it has now taken a remarkable twist a few weeks ago. Recently, the President fired the lead investigator in his Russian scandal investigation.

Then on Monday, the Washington Post revealed that he shared intelligence on ISIS operations. In a private meeting, ISIS intelligence on Syria and Iraq was shared with Russia's ambassador and Foreign Minister by the President.

The origin of the Intel is reportedly from NATO, that had agreed with Russia to be a destabilizing agent in the region.

But now, reportedly, the country is the reason why the situation is uncontrollable in the Middle East. Russia supports Syrian President Bashar Assad, the US and its allies have no alliance with Assad. Additionally, the Syrian President is accused of human rights violations.

Donald Trump justifies Intelligence leak on Twitter

All recent headlines had led to chaos inside the White House as the President continues to contradict himself on many issues. But while his administration scrambled to refute the Washington Post's report, he went on Twitter to 'justify' his action with the Russian officials.

Accordingly, he said, to help the counter-terrorism movement against ISIS, he has no regret sharing with Vladimir Putin. Donald Trump said he is within his rights to share intelligence with the Kremlin. As the U.S. President, he said, he believes the United States needs Russia as an ally to help the US and its allies in the war against ISIS.

And while James Comey's controversial dismissal continues to rattle the walls of the White House, Trump just can't seem to catch a break. Especially with the "fake news media outlets" heightening a possible impeachment investigation against the United States President.