Though we all love to grab our morning coffee from Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks, just as much as we love to consume soda and energy drinks, this normal routine didn't end well for a 16-year-old South Carolina teenager.

What exactly killed him?

On Monday, coroner Gary Watts of Rockland County confirmed that it was in fact a caffeine overdose that killed Davis Allen Cripe last month. It was reported that he drank an energy drink of some sort, in addition to a Caffe Latte from McDonalds, and a large Diet Mountain Dew. It didn't take long for the caffeine to kill Cripe either, as he died two hours later.

His Cardiac Arrhythmia was triggered

Cardiac Arrhythmia, a heart condition that causes an irregular heartbeat at a rate that is too slow or too fast, has a range of symptoms, including minute systems, as well as sudden heart collapse. Unfortunately for this teen, his caffeine intake triggered the latter. The coroner explained that the amount of caffeine that he consumed was much higher than a safe level for his weight. According to Cripe's autopsy, no other undiagnosed heart condition was present.

Can caffeine truly be the cause?

This instance has sparked a lot of controversy regarding the possibility of excessive caffeine intake actually having the ability to trigger a heart condition like cardiac arrhythmia.

Several individuals don't believe it can happen, but Watts thinks that this case serves as a warning to everyone to be cautious about their caffeine consumption. A safe dosage is considered to be about 400mg, according to the FDA, though it can be different for everyone, because the coroner is adamant that someone else could drink the same amount, if not more, and not be affected in the slightest.

Consumption rate matters

Watts wants people to understand that these things do happen, so awareness is critical. Additionally, a factor that is just as important as consumption is speed. Watts says that it's the rate at which Cripe drank these beverages that ultimately killed him, more so than the amount.

What does this mean for kids and caffeine?

Naturally, Cripe didn't think that he was doing anything wrong, because many people consume large amounts of caffeine on a regular basis, and nothing happens to them. His father, Sean, argues that it is extremely important for parents to have a discussion with their kids about the potential risks of caffeine, so that something like this doesn't happen to anyone else.