Democrats have called on FBI commissioner James Felix Comey to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee as a Private Person, The Independent reports. The Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman, Republican Richard Burr, and Democratic member Mark Warner said they called Comey to testify in front of the board next Tuesday.

Comey fired days after asking for more funds for Trump investigation

"We have sent an invitation, we have not received an answer yet, we sent it this morning," Warner told CNBC. "He should appear before the Senate tomorrow with other intelligence chiefs.

I hope he will use this opportunity," he added. Some US media are writing that Comey was released only a few days after he had asked for more resources to conduct an investigation into Trump's relationship with Russia and the meeting during the presidential election.

Trump says he is not under investigation

Donald Trump, in the wake of the dismissal of the FBI director, insists that he is not under investigation. NBC News said it was his only decision to dismiss Comey. He conducted an investigation into alleged Russian interference in American elections and the ties of Trump's officials and Moscow. In his first interview after releasing Comey, Trump said he had asked Comey whether he was under investigation, the BBC writes.

"I asked him if he could tell me if I was under investigation. He told me I am not," Trump says.

Trump called a former FBI director James Comey, who resigned from duty on Tuesday, "inflated" and "irritable." He added that he would have fired him even if it was not suggested by Justice Ministry officials. "He's a fanatic and the FBI was in a chaos," Trump said in a conversation to NBC, which was his first appearance after he removed Comey from the forefront of the FBI.

"I was about to release Comey, that was my decision, and I have planned to release him regardless of the recommendation," Trump said in an interview. But the White House announced at the beginning of the week that Trump made a decision to move Comey after the referral of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his deputy Rosemary Rosenstein.

Vice President Mike Pence said, "President Trump has well decided to accept the recommendation of the minister and his deputy and to ask the FBI director to depart from the position."

In the first four months of his presidential mandate, Donald Trump dismissed State Attorney Sally Yates, the State Attorney for New York and the FBI Director. All three were conducting an investigation into him or his team.