Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have agreed to work together on a diplomatic fight against the threat of North Korea. The White House has stated that the two presidents talked trough the phone about the best way to deal with a "very dangerous" situation in North Korea.

The Russian government said Putin and Trump have scheduled a meeting in Germany in July during the G-20 Summit in Hamburg. Moscow announced that the conversation was "professional and constructive" and that the presidents also discussed the crisis in Syria.

They also agreed to improve contact between US Secretary of State Tillerson and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov.

The US government announced that the conversation also included an agreement that "both sides must do everything in their power to stop the violence in Syria."

The first German bilateral visit to Russia since 2014

German Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed in Russia that both Berlin and Moscow have to continue dialogue despite disagreements, but these disputes have cast a shadow on her conversation with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

"I always think that conversations must continue even when there are serious differences in attitudes," the German Chancellor pointed out. "You have to continue the talks because in the other case you have less and less understanding," Merkel says.

This was her first bilateral visit to Russia since that country admitted the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea in 2014.

That act worsened the relations between the West and Moscow at levels not seen from the Cold War. This year, Germany is chairing the rotating leadership of the G20 group, so the German Chancellor meets with key nations in that group of the richest countries in the world.

This year, Germany is chairing the rotating leadership of the G20 group, so the German Chancellor meets with key nations in the group of richest countries in the world.

Putin denies accusations of interference in the US elections

When asked by journalists, does she fears that Russia, will try to influence the German parliamentary elections held in September, by spreading false news, Merkel took a firm stance. "I am not an anxious person, I will fight in elections based on my convictions," adding that the Germans would be determined to fight every case of false news.

Putin reiterated the allegations that Russia was mixing up with US presidential elections and planning to do so in European political battles. Information that says Russia was working to elect US President Donald Trump are "rumors" that are part of an internal political struggle in the United States, the Russian leader said.

"We never mix in the political life and political processes of other states and we do not want anyone to interfere in our politics and international processes," Putin said