US President Donald Trump gave the CBS an interview on the event of the first hundred days of his mandate, only to stop it completely when he did not like the question the journalist asked him.

Trump offered no evidence

Trump reiterated in interviews that former President Barack Obama was eavesdropping on him, although he did not offer any evidence for this serious indictment.

"You saw what happened with eavesdropping," Trump said. However, journalist John Dickerson did not pass over Trump's allusion, but he was directly questioning whether he was behind the allegation that Obama was a "sick or deceitful guy" who had been eavesdropping on his residency at Trump Tower in New York.

"I'm not even standing behind it," Trump snapped. "I just... You can interpret it as much as you want, I think our side has been proven as very strong, and everyone is talking about it, and frankly, I think that's what we need to discuss. I think that is a very big eavesdropping incident that is concerning all of our citizens. This is a topic that should be the number one. And you should find out what the hell is going on."

"I have my own opinions. You can have your own opinions," Trump concluded. When the reporter continued to insist on this unspecified response, Trump lost his nerves and let him know that the interview was over: "All right, that's enough, thank you very much."

Devin Nunes, the head of the Congressional Intelligence Committee and the Republican, concluded that "he does not believe that Trump Tower was eavesdropped," and with that, he directly denied the US president's claim.

The highest Democrat in the Commission, Adam Schiff, said he had seen "no evidence" supporting the allegation of Donald Trump on behalf of his predecessor, Barack Obama.

The office of former President Obama has denied allegations of eavesdropping, and Nunes added that there is a possibility that members of Trump's pre-election staff were "caught" wiretapping Russian officials.

Trump about the American Civil War

However, this is not the only bizarre interview Trump has given in recent days. In a conversation with a Washington Examiner journalist, Trump wondered why the American Civil War (1861-1865) even happened. He suggested that President Andrew Jackson could have prevented the Civil War.

Let us recall, the American civil war was begun because the southern part of the United States did not want to accept the abolition of slavery. The causes and the political context of this war are one of the most ruthlessly analyzed topics in American historiography.