Bill Clinton is moving right along by getting his feet wet penning his "first work of fiction," which is how some media sites are referring to his up and coming book. Some folks might debate if this is really Clinton's "first work of fiction" when taking his past antics into consideration, but let's just say it's his first work of fiction on paper.

Where's Donald Trump?

"The President is Missing," is a new suspense thriller coming from Bill Clinton and co-authored by the iconic writer James Patterson. The title of Clinton's book was a trend today and when some folks on the social media sites saw "The President is Missing," they started a search for news on Donald Trump. It only took a minute or so before "The President is Missing's" origin was discovered, leaving some people disappointed.

New book with confusing title

According to CNN News, the collaboration between Clinton and Patterson was announced Monday by the publisher Little, Brown and Company, but they will publish it jointly with publisher Alfred A.Knopf. So what is the plot all about? No one knows, because they aren't saying.

Although what is promised is Clinton will bring in some of his experience from behind the scenes of a presidency to make this thriller something extremely interesting. This collaboration stems from Clinton and Patterson's love of golf. It was about a decade ago when these two met on a golf course and a friendship was forged. It looks like Donald Trump knows what he is talking about when he says a lot of business deals stems from the golf course.

Wrong president

It was Trump's critics who had a field day with "The President is Missing." They posted how they became excited when firs reading what they thought was the news on the president missing. They then wrote about their disappointment when the reality that they were seeing a title of Clinton's new book. The tweet below mirrors many others found online today.

Others took to the social media sites to offer up locations where Trump might be found, like the tweet below.

You might think Trump would get the worst of this since he seems to have a daily barrage of bashing coming his way from critics, but it was actually Bill Clinton who got the brunt of the bashing over this title.

Some folks took "The President is Missing" to mean Bill Clinton himself was missing. They offered up a treasure trove of places that one might find him.

Fake Sean Spicier Weighs In

It seems Sean Spicier offered up his thoughts on where Clinton might likely be found. While at a quick glance this looks like the Sean Spicer from Trump's staff, but it is't. The spelling of the last name is not Spicer, but "Spicier." Anyway this man tweeted where he thought you'd find a trace of Bill Clinton below.

Others suggested that Bill Clinton could be found at "Hooters" or "in a brothel' and the list goes on.

According to WND News, Twitter went crazy over their jokes about finding the missing president. They also suggested "Quick, check under the Resolute desk,” "He's with Monica," and there were more than a few references to Bill Clinton possibly missing with "an intern," which is reported on WND News.