The latest video taken on board an American Airlines commercial flight has a male flight attendant egging-on a passenger to hit him. In the background there is a mother holding her baby and the mom is in tears. This comes on the heels of another recent video of a United Airlines passenger, who happened to be a doctor, being dragged off a flight by airport security for refusing to give up his seat in an overbooking incident.

Flying the luxury skies

It is sad to say, but it looks like the golden age of flying is done and gone. Back in the 1970s, flying was a luxury, you were treated the same way on a flight that you would be treated on an ocean cruise.

The seating was spacious and the flight attendants were there to offer you the Service fit for royalty. An archived article from Sploid describes the luxury awarded to flight passengers back in that era.

A+ service

Some of the flights offered a second floor in the aircraft. The service was like nothing you would find today, with some of the planes having a bar and cocktail lounge so you could socialize during your journey.The Boeing 747 was one of the most luxurious double decker planes, with a spiral staircase leading to the top floor of the aircraft.

Woman crying holding baby

The latest American Airlines incident was described as rather chaotic and a video of the aftermath would suggest that this was the case.

Passengers report a flight attendant "violently" removed a stroller, hitting a mother in the process and just missing hitting the baby.

The mother was hurt and she started crying and this is where the video cuts in. On the video you see that mother holding a baby and she isn't just weeping, she is in a full episode of tears.

According to CNN, a full investigation is underway after the video of the mother in tears went viral.The video is seen below.

To make matters even worse, a male passenger confronts the male flight attendant, who reportedly hit the mother with the stroller. The passenger tells the flight attendant that if he had done that to him, he would have flattened him.

The flight attendant, who is seen dealing with the crying mother, tells the male passenger to mind his own business.

Eggs-on passenger

The scene escalates when the male passenger approaches the flight attendant who then eggs the passenger on and dares him to take a swing at him. The captain of the plane looks as if is trying to talk the flight attendant into standing down. No physical contact was made between the passenger and the flight attendant.

According to a passenger's tweet below, the woman who was crying "in-voluntarily" left the plane and the flight attendant was allowed back on the flight.

American Airlines did issue an apology and the entire incident is under investigation today. This wasn't the mood on board a flight decades ago, it was more about customer service than rules and regulations.

Sure, times have changed and with the world events going on today there was a need for more rules and laws, but friendly customer service doesn't have to wane away with all the other perks once offered.