The recent bad publicity in the airline industry continues to skyrocket out of proportion and unfortunately, it is now being used as the catalyst for many lawsuits. With the latest court papers served on American Airlines, it brings to the forefront how passengers are highlighting the industry’s terrible customer service.

The latest victim was identified as Michael Anthony Taylor, a 67-year-old Australian.Taylor had filed a lawsuit against the passenger carrier in an Australian court. The elderly man said the airlines had caused him to suffer, while seated next to two overweight seat-mates.

Taylor told the Sydney Daily Telegraph that on the 14-hour trip he received several injuries to his body. The trip was from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles, California.

Reportedly, the injured man said with his health condition, it was very hard for him at 67, to kneel, brace and stand on the long flight. Taylor said he suffers from scoliosis and had asked if he could sit in a more comfortable setting, but his request was denied. He claimed that the horrendous experience had left him with bruising on his neck as well as back injuries.

Additionally, he said the uncomfortable position during the trip had worsened his scoliosis. The Australian in an interview with the Telegraph said he doesn’t hold any grudge towards the individuals seated next to him.

Because he knows, they had paid for their tickets just as anyone else on the flight. However, he said, once he told the airline that the situation was affecting his illness, they could have tried to accommodate him.

Mr. Taylor said the crew could have rearranged the seating or perhaps allowed him to sit in the vacant crew area if moving around other passengers were not possible.

In addition, the distraught traveler said none of the crew members tried to help him, and instead, they just ignored his plight.

According to NBC News, Ross Feinstein, the airline spokesperson, stated that the court documents were still being reviewed by its officials. Reportedly, all 310 seats on the 777-300ER were occupied on the December 28, 2015, flight.

And perhaps if there were empty seats in the crew area, U.S. federal regulations prohibit passengers to sit in the area reserved for the flight crew.

Currently the airline industry is in turmoil because of the poor treatment of airline passengers. Just about a week ago, American Airlines suspended an employee after an altercation with a mother over a stroller. And last month, united airlines had to revise its policy after being condemned for an incident where a passenger was forcibly removed from the airplane. However, the passenger and United Airlines settled for an undisclosed amount of money after the victim filed a lawsuit.