It looks like the Democrats are finding it hard to find things to bash Donald Trump about these days, so they are digging deep for new topics. Trump has made some moves over the last few weeks that even have some Democrats praising his decisions, one in particular is Hillary Clinton. Before you get too excited about Clinton finally seeing the light, she praised the action, but not Trump, who originated the deed. That would be the airstrike in Syria. For some reason she won't utter the Trump name.

Unless you've been floating on an iceberg in Antarctica over the last few weeks, you know that two bombing incidents took place, one in Syria and the other in Afghanistan, and this was done by the new Trump administration.

Trump made a line, a red line like Barack Obama. Unlike Obama, Trump honored his word and when that line was crossed, he went into action.

Trump is a bit busy

Syria got the message when 59 American missiles took out operations at an air strip, and a few days later the hidden tunnels in Afghanistan were wiped out by the "mother of all bombs," which was also American made. With Trump bringing a no nonsense attitude to the White House when it comes to other countries going against humanity, he is gathering more and more supporters.

Then there are those die-hard Democrats who wouldn't find Trump appealing even if he found a way to rid the national debt and put $1 million dollars in the pocket of every man, woman and child in this nation.

These are the same folks who are finding it harder and harder to pull something out of the Trump administration to criticize, so they've turned to something Trump is lacking -- a pet.

Starts out good

Case in point is an article that was written last week, which starts out with a fairly generic headline about Trump, "What kind of pet should Donald Trump get?" That is simple enough and it certainly doesn't sound like they are out to criticize the new president in any way.

But that changes just a few sentences into the article when the New York Times writes, "Breathes there a man with a soul so dead that he doesn’t want a loyal dog or faithful feline trotting beside him when he mounts that lonely staircase to the venerable Master Bedroom?"

Maybe Trump should get an elephant?

The article goes on to name all the types of pets that the different presidents through the years have had while in the White House from snakes to elephants, yes that's right, elephants.

They were a gift to President James Buchanan from the king of Siam, which is the present-day country of Thailand. The majority of modern-day presidents have honed in on dogs as pets.

Rover is coming?

Donald Trump is up to his neck in fixing the country. While it would probably be nice to throw a ball around the White House lawn with a dog, like Obama, who is pictured below, chances are that Donald Trump doesn't have the time. He's only been in office for three months. Once Barron moves into the White House with Melania, he can think about getting a pet. That would be the right time for the family to get a dog so the dog would get to know all of them.

This is a stretch!

Because Trump doesn't have a pet in the White House, he's deemed someone who "doesn't like animals" by Alan M.

Beck, a professor of animal ecology at Purdue University and director of the Center for the Human-Animal Bond. Beck made a comment to the New York Times. He said, "By all appearances, Mr. Trump doesn’t like animals." That is a pretty harsh statement just because the president hasn't made a decision on getting a pet as of yet. Beck also remarked that Trump's sons are "trophy hunters."

Good-bye staircase

So Donald Trump is a Lonely Man walking up that White House staircase and it's not because he misses his family, who will join him as soon as Barron's school year is done. No, it is apparently because he doesn't have a dog, cat or elephant? With an elephant it would be a different story. That animal would follow him only once up the staircase and that would be the end of that ascent to the bedrooms. The staircase would be in rubble, so how would that help Trump?