Cinco de Mayo was celebrated with fun events and activities last Friday. A teacher is in trouble for allowing students to hit a piñata as a fun activity. The Colorado high school Spanish teacher was put on paid administrative leave for allowing students to hit the piñata that was tied to a tree. It was not just any piñata. It was one with a photo of President Donald Trump's face.

Apparently, the teacher did not know it was going to cause trouble. The teacher only wanted the student to enjoy Cinco de Mayo. However, after the video was seen that shows blindfolded students hitting Trump's face with a bat, the teacher was notified of the administrative leave.

The teacher was not identified, but reports reveal that it was a teacher who teaches Spanish at Roosevelt High School in Colorado.


An investigation is ongoing so the school district can get more information about the activity. Weld County RE-5J School District officials posted a statement on Facebook a day after the incident. Superintendent Martin Foster wrote that the act was disrespectful and did not reflect the values of the school or the district.

A disgruntled parent posted photos of the piñata on Facebook that showed a photo of President Donald Trump in a green, red and blue structure. The photo of Trump shows him smiling. She explained that the activity happened at her daughter's high school.

The mother said that her daughter said that a photo of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto was on the other side.

The parent, Leslie Hollywood, said she is not the biggest fan of Trump, but she is outraged -- even if it had been President Obama, Bush or Clinton. She said the activity was just wrong. People who commented underneath Hollywood's photos agreed with her.

One person said it was just wrong on all levels.

Of course, there is always someone with opposite views. A minority of the people said they saw nothing wrong with it because it was only a game and the kids were just interested in what was inside the piñata and not the photos on both sides. Anyway, the kids were blindfolded.

They couldn't see the face they were smashing.

Administrative leave

No news has been revealed since the teacher was immediately put on paid administrative leave. The length of the leave depends on how long the investigation takes. Do you think the teacher will get fired? Do you think the Spanish high school teacher should have been placed on leave?