Everyone knows that munching on popcorn is an integral part of the Movie Theater experience, but one tennessee man got truly out of hand when he couldn’t get a refill during the movie at a Clarksville, Tennessee movie theater. Police said on Tuesday that 50-year-old Paul West was arrested at the Regal Clarksville Stadium 16 and is now facing charges of assault and disorderly conduct, along with resisting arrest.

Theatergoer demanded more popcorn – upset the concession stand was closed

As reported by The Leaf-Chronicle, West wanted a popcorn refill while attending a movie at the theater but the concession stand wasn’t open.

According to Clarksville police spokesman, Jim Knoll, when staff at the theater refused to serve West, he took a popcorn container out of the trash can and first waved it at theater staff, demanding a refill. When they refused, he then threw the container at one of the employees, knocking down a display on the concession stand in the process. West then reportedly disappeared back into the theater, sans popcorn.

Police officer arrives at the movie theater – assaulted by Tennessee man

MSN reports that theater employees called the Clarksville police to report the incident, saying they had an irate customer that was demanding popcorn, causing damage to the premises and generally getting out of hand.

Officer Jennifer Renken of the Clarksville police, responded to the call at the movie theater. She first saw the damage caused by West at the concession stand and then headed into the theater to find the man.

When Renken attempted to arrest West he picked up a trash can, throwing it at the police officer.

He then punched the police officer in her face several times and went on to attempt to bite Renken. Renken had requested backup and when other officers arrived on the scene, West was taken into custody. The police officer suffered minor injuries in the incident.

Knoll said in his 22 years of working for the Clarksville police, both as an officer and as a civilian employee, he has never heard of anyone getting that upset over popcorn.

Assault charges for Tennessee man

When West was finally taken into custody, he was charged Tuesday with assault, aggravated assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. The Tennessee man is now being held at a Montgomery County jail on a $22,500 bond. It is currently unknown whether West has legal representation or what movie the Tennessee man was watching at the time of the incident.