North Korea warns U.S. of a "bigger gift package" in retaliation, immediately after successfully testing a Scud Missile. This was reportedly said by Kim Jong-Un after personally supervising the missile test near Wonsan airfield.

What did the SCUD missile test prove?

Earlier this week, North Korea have successfully tested a new version of SCUD, a short-ranged missile designed during the Soviet era. The missile flew from Wonsan airfield and crashed into the Sea of Japan, a distance of 450 miles. Though the missile tested was short-ranged and of an old Soviet design, it still poses a threat, according to U.S.


Kim Jong-Un's ballistic ambition is of no secret for the United States and its allies. The reclusive state continues to rattle neighboring countries with outlandish threats and sudden missile tests increasing the volatility of the Korean crisis. The U.S. navy did say that the SCUD tested was of no threat to the American forces in the peninsula, but it shows the progress of Kim Jong-Un's belligerent ambition.

How did Japan and South Korea react to the missile test?

Japan is clamoring that the missile North Korea recently launched landed within its 200 miles of exclusive economic zone. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe condemned the said tests saying that he vows to make actions to deter Pyongyang's provocations.

He added that in the recent G7 meetings, the issue of North Korea is now a top priority in the international community and that Japan is working closely with the United States to take specific actions against Pyongyang.

How will the United States react to North Korea?

The United States has started to conduct drills to ready its naval and air forces from sudden attacks that may come from North Korea.

As of the moment, the U.S. air force is planning to conduct an unprecedented test of attempting to intercept an incoming ICBM with existing anti-missile defense systems.

Aside from this, the United States have deployed three aircraft carriers to the Korean peninsula as a show of force for North Korea. Japan heightened its military cooperation with the U.S.

and continues to increase its military presence despite its anti-military constitution.

U.S. President Donald Trump, in response to the growing threat of North Korea, is cooperating with Japan and South Korea to expand sanctions over the rogue country. However, despite such stringent restrictions, the overwhelming force of the United States and its allies is still not able to halt the ballistic missile testing done by Pyongyang. One can only speculate as to what move, Kim Jong-Un will do next.