Shortly after midnight, a group of teenagers were sitting in the Living Room of a Southern Mississippi home playing Video Games when a gunman broke into the house. One of the victims, Caleb Edwards, 15, said the assailant whom he identified as Corey Godbolt, accosted them and demanded the audience of his cousin’s parents. Jordan Blackwell, another teenager, explained to him that they were out of town.

Blackwell takes a bullet for his cousin

Godbolt, who was disgusted with his reply, just started shooting sporadically. In the midst of the chaos, Blackwell used his body to protect his cousin from the bullets.

Caleb’s mom stood by his side while he recounted the incident to the Associated Press. In a calm tone, he explained how he felt the impact of the bullets as they pierced through his cousin’s body.

Caleb reiterated that his cousin loved him to the point of death. He lost his 11-year-old brother, Austin Edwards on that Sunday morning. The incident was said to have occurred after law enforcement officers were called upon to settle a domestic dispute. Eight persons were killed that day including a deputy sheriff and relatives of the accused shooter.

Mississippi Bureau of Investigation spokesperson, Warren Strain, said that Corey Godbolt will be charged with one count of capital murder and seven counts of first degree murder.

He also stated that the charges could change while investigations continued.

Godbolt to appear before court

Godbolt could appear before the court on Tuesday after his discharge from the hospital. He was hospitalized for gunshot wounds, though it is unclear who shot him.

Amongst those killed are; Mitchell, 55; Tocarra May, 35; Shelia Burage, 46; Brenda May, 53; Ferral Burage, 45 and Deputy William Durr, 36.

The other two victims were identified as Jordan Blackwell and Austin Edwards sons. Brookhaven is a city in South Mississippi with green grasses and tall pine trees all around. The city of 34,500 residents is still recovering from the shock of the violent incident.

On Monday afternoon a group of people gathered in Blackwell’s and Edwards’ grandparents’ driveway to say a prayer for the deceased.

Pastor Richard Thomas of New Church of Christ Holiness while praying, asked God to be with the bereaved family in their grief.

Jordan Blackwell played for the Brookhaven High football team as a linebacker. His mom explained that while he was preparing for his senior year, two universities were already interested in him. She described her son as cheerful and selfless. She said Jordan’s dream was to get a Camaro for his high school grad.