One of the biggest scandals to hover over the current administration has involved Russia and the White House. While Donald Trump continues to deny any link between himself and the Kremlin, his son-in-law Jared Kushner has recently come under fire.

Conway on Kushner

Throughout the majority of the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump was forced to defend himself from the growing allegations that he was in cahoots with Russia. Speculation surrounding the issue gained steam when the former host of "The Apprentice" refused to release his tax returns, promoting critics to wonder what Trump was hiding in his financials.

As time went on, Trump would routinely praise Russian President Vladimir Putin, while members of his campaign, and later administration, were found to have been in communication with Kremlin officials. The most recent story to rock the White House involved Jared Kushner, who is currently under FBI watch for allegedly trying to set up a "back channel" communication with Russia. In public, Trump has dismissed the allegations and stood by his son-in-law, though additional reports claim the president is distancing himself in private. This issue was highlighted during the May 30 edition of "Fox & Friends" with Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway.

Joining the hosts of "Fox & Friends" on Tuesday morning was Kellyanne Conway.

Within the first minute of her interview, Conway came to the defense of Jared Kushner for allegedly wanting to set up a special line of communication between the Donald Trump administration and Russia, stating, "back channels like this are the regular course of business."

When Fox News host Brian Kimeade attempted to get Kellyanne Conway to elaborate on whether it was Russia or Jared Kushner who first proposed the idea of a secret communication line, the former campaign manager didn't bite.

"This entire thing is just a rush to judgment," Conway said. "We have been talking about this for about 8 months," she continued, before adding, "it's a lot easier to scream Russia, Russia, Russia every day."

Next up

With Donald Trump back in the White House following his return from his first foreign trip, he's been making up for lost time by tweeting out his concerns and frustrations.

Just prior to Kellyanne Conway's interview on Fox News, Trump took to Twitter to blast Democrats and the "fake news" media for making up the Russian scandal, despite the evidence that continues to pile on the administration.