Over the weekend Russia, Syria, and Iran firmly cautioned U.S. President Donald Trump. In a protest against the United States-led strike on Friday, the three countries warned against any new strikes on Syria. According to the report by the Associated Press, the three nations are calling for the United Nations international body to launch an investigation into the chemical assault that killed about 90 Syrian individuals.

Russia warns of grave outcome globally

Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister facilitated the Iranian and Syrian officials in Moscow.

Lavrov also issued a statement stating that the U.S. rocket strike on Syria was an "egregious infringement" of worldwide conventional law. The Russian Foreign Minister warned that if such activities should occur again, it would encompass grave results on a global scale.

Walid Moallem, the Syrian Foreign Minister said hopefully the meeting sent a "solid message" to U.S. politicians in Washington. Iran's official Mohammad Javad Zarif also stressed that the one-sided activities by the American government were unsatisfactory. Earlier, the U.S. blamed the Assad government for purposely attacking its citizens with dangerous chemicals after an assault in Khan Sheikhoun killed scores of Syrians on April 4.

However, Russia's Vladimir Putin has charged that the casualties resulted from toxic agents after Syrian war planes were hit by a rebel chemical arsenal. Moscow's Putin cautioned against laying any claims against Damascus until the United Nations fully investigated the incident and issued its final results.

Russia blasts UN for not investigating chemical attack

On Friday, Lavrov lamented that the United Nations' investigators failed to visit the Syrian town to ascertain the cause of the deadly incident. Russian officials have also argued that the United Nations Organization should enlarge its scope to incorporate specialists from other countries when dealing with investigations involving chemical weapons attacks on civilians.

Additionally, Lavrov outlined that the United States and several European nations have no reason to fear the formation of the new body because those involved will work together to assure that the investigation is straightforward and eliminates the possibility of concealing pertinent information.

The U.S. strike, according to Lavrov, undermines the international peace treaty and highlights President Trump's ambition to expel Syria's President Bashar al Assad from power. Russia's Foreign Minister, in his conclusion, added that Washington's endeavors will not succeed.