Katy Perry has once and for all set the record straight on the feud between her and Taylor Swift. The "Roar" singer, in an interview with James Corden, gave some detailed insights on how the feud came to be, and how it blew up to such proportions.

Taylor Swift and the history behind 'Bad Blood.'

First things first: to those who did not know, the words to Taylor's hit "Bad Blood" were not generic threats — it has a specific target. As with most of Swift's ditties, there is a real life inspiration to this battle cry of a song, and many believed that it is Katy Perry.

In the famous Corden segment "Carpool Karaoke," Perry put speculations to rest by saying that yes, there is a feud, and yes, "Bad Blood" is about her. In the interview — and a lot of help from annotations by the Washington Post's Emily Yahr — we uncover that what started the war between these two Pop Stars were... backing dancers.

Katy Perry 'stole' backing dancers from Taylor Swift

Apparently, three backup dancers that worked with Perry asked if they could go on tour with Swift. Perry consented, saying that it was good work for the girls while Perry was "not on a record cycle." She added that she would probably be in another record cycle in about a year, so she told them to get "a 30-day contingency" in their contract.

The year came, and Perry texted the girls saying she is "about to start." The backing dancers went to management, presumably to say that they are joining Perry. The three promptly got fired.

This is believed to be what caused the feud. Followers noticed that Taylor unfollowed the three dancers on Twitter, with one tweeting that she is no longer part of the "Red" tour.

Perry tried to call Swift to talk about what happened because she thought the move was a "fumble," yet she was treated to "a complete shutdown" by the latter. Next thing she knew, she got a rather salty song — "Bad Blood" — written about her.

'Swish Swish' is Katy's comeback

Katy is about to release another record, and she is not hiding the fact that her new song "Swish Swish" is her retaliation to Swift's "Bad Blood."

"You do something, and there is going to be a reaction.

And trust me, Daddy, there’s going to be a reaction," Katy said during his conversation with the famous talk show host.

Still, Katy admitted that if by some miracle Taylor Swift called her to ask to end the feud, she said that she is absolutely all for ending it.

Katy Perry is set to release her fifth studio album, "Witness," on June 9.