#Ivanka Trump was once a supermodel and a Ceo daddy's girl, but she will potentially become a substitute for the fallen hopes and dashed dreams of those women hoping for a female president. Her presence in Washington, as President Trump's highest-ranking yet still unofficial aide, will hopefully help soften his appalling record of conduct and his archaic view of women.

Those who don't like #Ivanka Trump see her recent maneuvers as the opportunistic and brash efforts of a self promoting Trumpite. This, they say, is an exceedingly privileged woman who has cottoned on to feminism's appeal to the marketplace, since it can make for some magical branding.

In two interviews that she carried out last week, the President's daughter was all about the financial potential of women and she seemed to echo at times some of the phrases used by #Hillary Clinton. She also talked a lot about finding depth in Eleanor Roosevelt's life and policies, thus making her sound like a novice political PhD student.

Ms Trump has been contacting the most powerful women in the world and the US recently, including Ginni Rometty, IBM's chief executive, as well as the CEO of General Motors. She has also dipped her toes into childcare policy and has announced that she plans to make advances in this area for American women.