Donald trump is considered the most controversial US President in the history. He has become a 'hot cake' for the media around the globe. His recent act of firing the FBI Chief James Comey is in the headlines these days. Below are the stories from world's well-renowned news agencies about Donald Trump on May 12.


"US President Trump has insisted he is not under investigation while dismissing the FBI director, he fired as a showboat."

James Comey was driving an investigation into claimed Russian intervention in the US race and conceivable conspiracy between US President and Moscow.

The Guardian

"Someone remind Donald Trump he is not above the law."

It's difficult to tell what's more awful: that Trump supposes he can escape with terminating James Comey, or that he is so in an exposed fashion concealing the genuine explanation behind the choice.

Market Watch

"Trump admits Russia probe played in Comey’s firing."

Negating the basis initially given for terminating FBI Chief James Comey, President Donald Trump on Thursday said that the examination concerning Russian intruding in the race played in his choice.


"Trump contradicts earlier claims on Comey sacking."

US President Trump said on Thursday that he generally expected to flame, FBI Executive James Comey, negating prior White House articulations that he followed up on the suggestion of top equity authorities.

The Independent

"Trump breaks from the White House line and says he was going to fire Comey 'regardless'."

Donald Trump has said that he "would fire" previous FBI Chief James Comey paying little respect to include from the Branch of Equity, repudiating claims from his own White House staff.


"Trump attacks on the fired FBI chief meet resistance; Russia probe proceeds."

President Donald Trump on Thursday kept running into resistance for calling removed FBI boss James Comey a "showboat," an assault that was quickly negated by top US congress persons and the acting FBI pioneer, who swore that an examination concerning conceivable US President crusade binds to Russia would continue with energy.


"President Donald Trump Links His Decision to Fire James Comey to Frustration With Russia Investigation."

In his initial meet since terminating Comey on Tuesday, US President seemed to attempt to underscore that Comey's expulsion was about his execution at the Government Department of Examination and not about the Russia test.

The New Yorker

"Donald Trump's craven Republican enablers."

President Donald Trump said Thursday that, paving the way to his terminating of FBI Executive James Comey, he had been disappointed with the FBI's examination concerning ties amongst Russia and his presidential crusade.