With the pressure mounting over the scandal linking Russia to the White House, Donald Trump is doing whatever it takes to turn the tables. While the majority of the mainstream media has been pushing evidence that ties Trump to the Kremlin, the president is using his own sources to back up his agenda.

Trump's theory

Just over a month ago, Donald Trump went on a tweet-storm and accused former President Barack Obama of wiretapping his office inside Trump Tower during the election, No credible evidence has ever been released to back up the allegations, with even the FBI and Department of Justice dismissing the claim, which was confirmed by FBI Director James Comey during a hearing in Congress last month.

As expected, the former host of "The Apprentice" has labeled any reports disputing his conspiracy as "fake news," while quoting only right-wing and conservative-leaning news outlets in an attempt to validate his agenda. As seen on his Twitter account on April 3, Trump has once again used Fox News as his primary source of information.

Taking to his Twitter feed on Monday morning, Donald Trump is not taking his foot off the gas in reference to his conspiracy. Trump's theory gained steam last week when Republican House Intel Chair Devin Nunes allegedly gathered private information, bypassed the House Intelligence Committee, and reported directly to the White House about the possibility of the president being spied on by unknown sources.

Nunes' claim was all Trump needed to keep his theory alive, which he doubled down with using Fox News for cover.

"Fox News from multiple sources: 'There was electronic surveillance of Trump, and people close to Trump.

This is unprecedented,'" Donald Trump tweeted out, before tagging the FBI in his post, while trying to get their eyes on the story. The Fox News story has not yet been confirmed as of press time, but it doesn't appear that it is stopping the president from using it to his advantage.

Next up

After just two months in the White House, Donald Trump has already been surrounded by a constant stream of controversy. While it's unknown how the Russian scandal will conclude, the billionaire real estate mogul and his favorite news outlets don't look like they are willing to throw the towel in just yet.