Former First Lady Michelle Obama appeared at the "Partnership for a Healthier America" conference in Washington D.C. and discussed Healthy Food choices for children or that lack thereof under the Trump administration. During the interview at the conference she said that when it comes to feeding our children, a healthy diet is not about politics. It is about parenting, Michelle Obama said on Friday. This nonprofit group in which former First Lady Michelle Obama addresses, works with private-sector companies and partners, like Mars and Nestle USA, and nudges them to commit to promoting healthier food choices and practices.

Michelle Obama encouraged parents to stop and think about the reasons that there are those that think it is "OK with your kids Eating Crap.” Trump's Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue is on a path to reverse the gains made by her during the eight Obama years. The intention is to roll back the current requirements of reducing sodium in the diet of children and roll back the requirement of increasing whole grains in their diets.

Trump aiming to 'Make American Food Unhealthy Again'

The Blasting News reported earlier this month that the Trump administration seems to be interrupting their battle to making 'America Great Again' to include making food unhealthy on three different fronts, fighting to bring back obesity and lower the standards for highly nutritional meals in schools.

Healthy food should be for all kids, says former First Lady Michelle Obama

She said in the interview that if we really want to make "America Great Again" then our all of our kids need to be healthy, not just "the" few.

She is upset with Trump, without once mentioning his name, saying they talk about government intervention and the nanny state, they just tell you to eat and be quiet. Don't worry about whether it is a healthy choice or not. That is what a move like this says to moms.

The Trump administration is attempting to undo and undermine the "Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010", requiring schools to use the recommendations from the Institute of Medicine to make school lunches served with whole grains, vegetables, and fruits.

The law also says that servings must be served with less sodium and sugars. The Trump administration is battling against healthy food choices on three key battlegrounds — school lunches, food, and menu labels — favorite targets of the conservatives because of the impact on corporate profits over the impact on the lives of children.