The United States President continues to vehemently deny ties with the Russian Empire. However, he had just hired a legal team at a Washington law firm. President Trump requested his new lawyers to send a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee. In the letter, the U.S. Leader directed the law firm to state that there is no connection between him and Russia.

Republican Senator wants Trump investigated further

The revelation was made by Sean Spicer, Trump’s press secretary, at the White House. Spicer's revelation on Tuesday was a response to a reporter’s question at a recent press conference.

Reportedly, Senator Lindsey Graham had said he wanted to further investigate the alleged business ties between the U.S. President and the Russians.

According to Spicer, Donald Trump is aware of the question posed by the U.S. Senator. The White House spokesperson said that the President is fine with any investigation launched by Senator Graham. He also added that no evidence exists because Trump has no business dealing as well as no connections to the Kremlin.

Senator Graham had campaigned for the Republican nomination that Donald Trump eventually won. The outspoken senator has challenged Trump’s stance on many issues while on the campaign trail. And while he said at this time, there is no evidence of any improper business deals between Trump and Putin, he still wants to know if the United States President and the Russians have any secret business ties.

Did Trump fire Comey because of FBI investigation?

However, after revealing the information about the certified letter sent by the Washington, D.C. law firm to Lindsay Graham, Trump shocked the entire world with the firing of the FBI Director. James Comey Jr. was the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and he had launched an investigation into Donald J.

Trump’s ties with Russia. This is in light of the recently concluded United States general election that was won by the Republican nominee allegedly with the help of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.

Reportedly, the Russian leader ordered spies from his country to carry out the infamous Russian hack. It is also alleged that members of Donald Trump’s campaign team had met with Russia’s ambassador to the U.S.

, several times during the Republican nominee’s presidential campaign.

An investigation led by ex-Director Comey Jr. suggested that the Russian hackers had hacked into the computers of the Democratic Party. The hackers then circulated damning information about the Democrat’s nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton. Thus influenced voters to cast the votes that cemented Donald J. Trump's name in the American history books.