Ever since being sworn into office, Donald Trump has spent a considerable amount of time away from the White House. After tweeting out that he will be away from Washington, D.C. for another weekend, social media users were quick to fire back.

Trump on Twitter

During the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump made a lot of promises which helped convince millions of Americans to give him their support. One of the promises made was that he would be unlike any president before him, and that he would spend him time working in the White House, and not on vacation.

The former host of "The Apprentice" would often hit back at former President Barack Obama for making sporadic trips to the golf course, something that many see has great irony today. In the three and a half months since Inauguration Day, Trump has gone on 19 trips to a golf course, most of which have taken place in Palm Beach, Florida near his Mar-a-Lago resort. Taxpayers have been on the hook for millions of dollars to cover Trump's vacation time, and the Associated Press reports that the latest spending plan in Congress includes over $40 million to cover "post-inauguration cost," which covers trips to Mar-a-Lago, New Jersey, and New York. As seen on his Twitter feed on May 5, Trump announced his latest trip away from Washington, but didn't get a positive response.

Taking to his Twitter account on Friday morning was Donald Trump, where he informed the American people where he will be headed to next. "Rather than causing a big disruption in N.Y.C., I will be working out of my home in Bedminster, N.J.

this weekend," Trump tweeted out, before adding, "Also saves country money!" Trump's trip to Bedminster will be to the Trump National Golf Club, where a membership fee runs around $350,000. The location is where the president met with members of his transition team following the election last November, which also resulted in backlash.

Twitter reacts

In response to Donald Trump's latest tweet, social media users didn't hold back their thoughts. "Rather than facing my protesters in NY, let me tell you the exact town in NJ I'll be at. Hide and seek!!" podcaster David Nuzzy Nussbaum wrote on Twitter. In a follow-up tweet, Nussbaum added, "He's 'saving' us money by working in New Jersey. Maybe he should remember that next time he travels to his so-called Florida resort."

"You've played golf 14 times in a little over 100 days.

How much does it cost us every time you go to #MaraLago? Don't claim to care about it," Twitter user Jose Andrade tweeted about Donald Trump. "New York doesn't want you," TV editor Alex Zalben wrote, before adding in a second tweet, "You're a vampiric leech who lost any right to call yourself a New Yorker when you bragged you had the tallest building in the city post 9/11."

"You forgot to mention that Bedminster is where your golf course is.

Going to get in another round?" comedy writer Nick Jack Pappas added about Donald Trump. The Twitter reaction continued, as it was made clear that many Americans are not happy with how Trump has handled himself since being elected commander in chief.