Donald Trump spent the first day of his foreign trip in Saudi Arabia. In addition to meeting with King Salman and signing a $115 billion arms deal, the president also did a little dancing and was mocked and trolled across social media for his efforts.

Twitter on Trump

There were a lot of reasons why Donald Trump dominated the headlines during the 2016 presidential election, and one was because of his controversial rhetoric. While the former host of "The Apprentice" faced harsh criticism from Democrats and more liberal Americans, he was able to reach enough conservatives to win the Republican nomination before pulling off the upset last November with a victory over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

One of the areas that Trump caused the most chaos was his views on religion, in particular his criticism about Islam and Muslims. The billionaire real estate mogul went as far as saying "Islam hates us," in reference to the religion's views on the United States, while also proposing to ban Muslims from entering the country. Despite this, the White House scheduled the Islamic theocracy of Saudi Arabia as the first stop on his foreign trip, which quickly raised eyebrows due to the president's views on the region and religion. Just hours after entering the country, Trump was caught on camera dancing during his welcoming celebration, with Twitter users having fun mocking the president on May 20.

On Saturday, CNN's Jim Acosta published three videos on his Twitter account.

One showed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson dancing with the Saudis while holding a sword. In addition, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross was also filmed doing the dance, but it was the video of Donald Trump celebrating and dancing that quickly went viral on social media.

Twitter reacts

In response to Donald Trump dancing with high-ranking officials from Saudi Arabia, social media was quick to fire back, with some highlighting the hypocrisy of the president who has long held a negative view of the Middle East.

"He also curtsied to the Saudi King. Any comments from the following?," one Twitter user wrote, while tagging Fox News, Ann Coulter, Alex Jones, and other supporters of the president who have been critical of the country in the past. "I'm of the view that we shouldn't let Trump back in the country until we can figure out what the hell is going on," actor George Takei noted.

"SNL skit soon to come!" another tweet read, while response replying, "Oh hell yeah." "Dances exactly how you would expect a 70-yr old white man to dance," one tweet added. "His hands are too small to hold a sword," another Twitter user wrote. "So Saudi Arabia, birthplace of Islam, Mecca & 19 of 9/11 terrorists, gave Muslim-basher Trump its highest civilian honor?

I don't get it," singer and actress Bette Midler wondered.

"They don't let #Trump play with sharp objects. It's bad enough he runs with mobsters and traitors," an additional social media user pointed out. The tweets continued, as it was obvious that critics of Donald Trump were not going to hold back their thoughts on Twitter, especially during his foreign trip.