It was an incendiary week for the Trump administration and U.S. Presidential politics. Every day within the past week brought new intemperate leaks. The American public has received a barrage from the breaking news cycle, which all began with Trump firing FBI director James Comey, the very branch investigating the Trump/Russia collusion allegations. On Monday, May 15th, it was reported by the Washington Post that in a meeting between President Donald Trump and Russian officials, the President divulged classified information that was previously gathered from an Israeli source.

It was alleged that the Donald even bragged about his ability to get great intelligence. On Tuesday, May 16th, James Comey said Trump asked him to ratchet down the FBI investigation of Michael Flynn, implying Comey had the ability to stop it, and that he had a memo to prove it. On Wednesday, May 17th, House Democrats held a #press conference to announce a #Special Prosecutor.

Has anyone seen Comey memo?

Meanwhile, no one has viewed the #Comey memo. Not the news media, not the New York times, and certainly not members of Congress. So, why is that being widely reported as fact, if no one in fact has seen this memo? If the memo existed, surely someone would have leaked it to the news media by now.

Lieutenant Colonel Shaffer told Lou Dobbs on Fox News, “Neither NBC News, nor the New York Times has seen the memo. This is deep state collusion.” For the general reader, the deep state is defined as career government professionals who have worked in that capacity for decades and wish to preserve the status quo.

Sean Hannity of Fox News even went so far as to state that the “five forces seeking to take down Trump” are “the destroy Trump propaganda media, Washington deep state, Democrats, establishment Republicans, and never Trumpers.”

Donald Trump/Richard Nixon comparison

With that extensive list of powerful enemies waiting in the wings, President Trump’s support among the American public continues to erode and stands at an all-time low for a sitting President, especially within the first 100 days of election to the Oval Office.

Polls stipulate that close to half of Americans believe the Donald will be impeached. However, it ought to be pointed out that impeachment is not automatic removal from office; it is the first step in removal from office. Former President Nixon was impeached after the #Watergate scandal, but resigned from the highest office before Congress and the House of Representatives removed him. The comparisons between Donald Trump and Richard Nixon are certainly fair; however, let us not underestimate the man who has always been laser-focused on winning, and winning at all costs.