Donald Trump arrived in Israel as a part of his international tour. Trump arrived in Israel on Monday to visit the second station of his first international trip since entering office.

Immediately after arriving in Israel, Trump urged regional leaders to work harder in the fight for peace. He added that his visit to Saudi Arabia brought new hopes for such future. "We have a rare opportunity to bring security and stability to this region and its people," Trump said during the reception. "However, we can only achieve this if we work together. There is no other way," he emphasized.

From Arabia to Israel

The American president arrived in Israel from Saudi Arabia and where he separately met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abas in an attempt to revive the peace process.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he hoped Trump's visit to Israel will be a "historic milestone" in achieving regional peace. "Let your first visit to our region be a historic turning point for reconciliation and peace," Netanyahu said in a welcome speech to the US President. He added that Israel shares America's commitment to peace and that "Israel provides the hand of reconciliation to all its neighbors, including the Palestinians."

After brief statements on arrival, Trump went to Jerusalem in a helicopter.

Trump's arrival today is also the first known direct flight of a US president to Israel from Saudi Arabia, where he spent the previous two days advocating a partnership against terrorism in the Muslim world.

Trump told to the Bahraini king that it was "a great honor to be with him" and that "there was a little tension, but now with this administration, there will be no tension." The king said that the two countries have 120 years of "relationships based on a very good foundation of mutual understanding and strategy".

Vatican is next

His nine-day trip to the Middle East and Europe is the first foreign trip since he took office in January. It ends on Saturday after visiting the Vatican, Brussels, and Sicily.

Only a few minutes before Donald Trump's landing in Tel Aviv, a car drove into a group of pedestrians in the center of the city, according to the Russia Today.

It is still unknown whether this is a terrorist attack or a car accident. The person who was driving the car was arrested according to the police reports. According to early information, five people were injured, Russia Today reports. Journalists of the Jerusalem Post report that the police are currently treating their investigation into the incident as a traffic accident.