Donald Trump held a press conference for the first time after a series of new discoveries of his possible connections with the Russians, alleged attempts at influencing the dismissed FBI Commissioner James Comey and setting up a special prosecutor to investigate all these issues.

Robert Mueller is the new head investigator

The investigation will now be conducted by Robert Mueller, former FBI director, whose election was welcomed by Democrats and Republicans.

Independent Mueller was appointed after Comey's note leaked to the public, saying that Trump was asking him to quit an investigation against his former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who had to resign after only 24 days in office because he was caught lying to US Vice President Mike Pence about his talks with Russian Ambassador to the United States Sergei Kislyak.

President Donald Trump said that Joe Lieberman, who was a Democratic candidate for the US Vice President, is the most likely candidate for the future FBI chief after James Comey's shocking firing. The US president responded with a simple "yes" to the question of whether the former 75-year-old senator favored the position of the first US police officer. The election of a new chief of federal police is taking place in an extremely tense political context in Washington. Donald Trump is suspected of obstructing the judiciary by requiring James Comey to leave the FBI investigations by one of former Trump advisors Michael Flynn.

Trump denies all accusations

Trump came out in front of journalists on Thursday after talks with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos.

However, White House journalists were not interested in that meeting.

"I respect the decision to appoint a special prosecutor, but I think that all this is a witch hunt. Investigating relationships with the Russians just divides the state. We talk about such things, and we ignore the big positive changes in our country. A lot of great things are happening here, from economic growth to employment, these are the things I want to focus on.

OK, Russia is there, but my priority is the US." Trump said. After that statement, he was asked whether he had persuaded Comey to end the investigation against Flynn.

"No, next question!" He answered to the journalist. "You know that Comey was extremely unpopular, even Democrats have been talking ugly about him. His appearance at the hearing on Wednesday, the day before the shift, was just awful.

He made a terrible mistake in the presentation. The FBI under his leadership did not have a reputation. We will solve this situation quickly and resolve the situation in the military, economy, and healthcare." Trump said.

Donald Trump on Thursday resolutely disputed any involvement in the FBI investigation into the possible linkage between his team members and Moscow, claiming he had not asked the former FBI director to suspend the investigation.