There's no shortage of experts attempting to decode First Lady Melania Trump. She's a mystery and hardly avails herself to the general public. Not even the paparazzi can get a photo of her when she's holed up in Trump Tower. Apparently, it's difficult to get a shot of Melania unless she's appearing at an official function.

Letter the object of examining Mrs. Trump on a deeper level

After Donald Trump was inaugurated into office, there was interest in Melania Trump's IQ. There might be something else when it comes to understanding Mrs. Trump's intelligence level.

An expert in the area of graphology -- the science of analyzing handwriting -- has come up with her own analysis of the former model.

Sheila Kurtz is the CEO of Graphology Consulting Group and operator of who has studied Donald Trump's handwriting since before "The Apprentice" began airing. Kurtz analyzed a sample of Melania's handwriting from a signature that was on a thank you note to Pamela Anderson after the "Baywatch" actress sent her a faux fur coat as a gift.

Kurtz was "amazed" at how closely Melania's signature matched her husband's. The letters were tall, pointed, and the first letter went directly to the next. According to the Handwriting Expert, the signature tells her that these originate from individuals who are "very private" and that "they don’t want you to read them at all.”

What does Sheila Kurtz have to say about Melania Trump's signature style?

Clearly she's a smart cookie because Kurtz claims that Melania is “a sharp thinker, a fast thinker, and picks up information quickly.”

On another note, Kurtz surmises that Melania's signature has been "stylized." Someone either showed her how to do it or it's a stamp, the handwriting expert believes.

The first lady's John Hancock is too similar to her husband's to appear as her own signature.

Kurtz pegs Donald Trump as being “blunt, very analytical, and sharp" based off of his signature. There has been some variation to his signatures since he left office, however. Kurtz says since Trump took office, his letters are more "clogged up" as though the ink has made them more blocked up.

The handwriting expert says Trump's script indicates that "he has to be powerful" and that the tallness of his letters depict "vanity." Kurtz has studied signatures on the Constitution and insists that “no one writes with as much vanity as he has.”

Do you think Melania Trump's signature tells people that much about her personality or level of intelligence?