Jeff Sessions appeared on ABC's This Week on Sunday morning. He danced around border wall topic, trying to dodge questions about who would fund the pricey wall. Eventually, he snapped and said," We're going to get it paid one way or another!"

Will Mexico pay for it?

The fact is no one knows if Mexico will end up paying for the wall. The president claims that they will "work out a deal" with Mexico and tax goods to pay for the wall. It seems unlikely that they would agree to such terms, especially since the Mexican president said he would not pay for the wall "in any way, shape, or form."

According to Raw Story, Attorney General, Sessions stated that they are combing through the budget to try to find "most of the funding" for the wall.

However, he admitted that they would need billions more to pay for the pricey project.

Will Americans end up footing the bill?

The truth is, Americans will foot the bill by either losing programs or by an increase in taxes. While Sessions won't admit it, we will pay for it. He tried to imply that Mexico will pay for it eventually. What does that really mean?

What that means is America will pay for it as the wall is being built. Then after it's up, Mexico will pay for a small part of it each year through taxes and other charges.

It will take decades for them to pay the Untied States back for the total cost of the wall.

In the meantime, Jeff claims that America will save money by reducing the number of Mexican immigrants hoping over the border and trying to stay in the country illegally.

Trump plans "to do things" at the border to create revenue

Sessions statement about how they will make money at the border was extremely vague.

When he was probed to explain how Trump planned to build revenue at the border, he refused to answer.

There are many ways they could create revenue, from charging housing and food for the workers to putting the immigrants in jail and charging them fine to get out to return to Mexico.

His vague answer had people on Twitter feeling uneasy.

Donald Trump addressed the issue on his personal Twitter account by stating that "at a later date" Mexico will pay for the wall. It seemed to imply that Americans will pay for it now and added to their fears that Trump planned to increase taxes.

Trump expects the border wall construction to begin by the summer if he can find the funding for the expensive project.

Do you think Trump will find the funding for the wall? Do you think Mexico will ever reimburse America for the $70 billion project?