It looks like Donald Trump is up to his old routine of bashing President Obama's health care act. He had been pretty quiet about it lately, so the liberals knew it had to be coming soon.

ObamaCare is in trouble, according to Trump

Trump claims that Obamacare is in serious trouble and the Democrats need serious money to keep it going. What he didn't say is that his Health Care Bill will leave millions of Americans either without insurance or with premiums and deductibles they cannot afford.

The truth is the only reason Trump is blasting ObamaCare now is he wants to introduce his new bill.

He wants to repeal it and replace it with something that will never measure up to Obama's Affordable Care Act.

The truth

According to Occupy Democrats, TrumpCare will cover up to 20 million fewer people. The reason is Trump's administration does not believe that every American deserve to have health coverage. If you can't afford the coverage, they have a "too bad so sad" type of attitude. They think the poor should "just work harder" or "get a second job." For many, it isn't that easy. The fact is everyone needs health insurance and should be able to go to the doctor if they need to. They shouldn't have to make difficult decisions like choosing to get medications or pay rent.

Th average cost of TrumpCare will increase $1,500 per person versus Obama's health care.

This will result in many individuals not being able to afford it. It will eventually lead to many Americans not being able to afford insurance and their life-saving medications.

In a nutshell, Americans will get less coverage for higher premiums.

The bill will end Medicaid expansion and defund Planned Parenthood.

Trump's paranoia comes out

The president decided to post to his personal Twitter account, stating that ObamaCare is dying. He wanted to make sure he controlled the news and implied that TrumpCare could be rolled out 'soon."

The health care bill could go to Senate and the House of Representivaes this week.

The GOP lawmakers weren't sure if the health care would be on the agenda this week or not but expected it to come into play in the next week or two.

Democrats vow to block the ACA

Even if Trump has the support of the Republican senators and representatives, it's possible he won't be able to get the bill passed. The Democrats have vowed to fight the approval of Trump's plan. It's unlikely that the Independent lawmakers would vote for a health care bill that would force 11 million people out of the insurance.

Do you think TrumpCare will pass this week? Is Trump just trying to stir the pot and get under the Democrats' skin?