That "crazy fat kid" and "whack job" are a few names that prominent U.S. politicians have publicly called Kim Jung Un in the past and it looks like North Korea is warming up for some more war on words to sling back this way. While it appears the North Korean propaganda chief is trying the best that he can, something is getting Lost in Translation.

'Whack job'

Still, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and even John Kerry were all victims of this bizarre mud-slinging that is missing something when it comes to translating from Korean to English. The latest bashing goes to a Senator from Colorado, who was the man to coin "whack job" as a description of Kim Jong Un.

When Senator Cory Gardner from Colorado recently referred to Kim Jong Un as a "whack job," North Korea's unnamed poet spun some of his own to throw back at the U.S. Senator. In a statement that was delivered on Monday from North Korea, it sounded as if Senator Gardner was being roasted by the person spinning Kim Jong Un's words for him.

Lost body hair

The statement said, “It is America’s misfortune that a man mixed in with human dirt like Gardner, who has lost basic judgment and body hair, could only spell misfortune for the United States.”

This was a wee bit confusing because Gardner has a full head of hair. Since there isn't a picture of the man in a bathing suit, it's hard to imagine how North Korea sees Gardner as a victim of hair loss.

This insult continued calling Gardner a "psychopath" and it also said that Gardner "dare to bear the evil that dares our highest dignity." While you can tell that was meant to be an insult, it is still a bit confusing.

Stand-up comedian?

So far we have a hairless Senator who also lost his basic judgement, according to the person spinning the words.

Whoever is coming up with these blurbs might possibly find that this wit could one day land him a second job as a stand-up comedian, suggests Fox News today.

This was far from the first time one of North Korea's insults got lost in translation. North Korea tagged Barack Obama one "dirty fellow," along with saying that he was a "juvenile delinquent," and a "clown." This was back in 2004 when they also added that Obama, "does not even have the basic appearances of a human being."

Lantern jaw

John Kerry was a man who was "a wolf donning the mask of the sheep," and they described his face as having a "hideous lantern jaw." The North Korean propaganda writer was spinning them out about Hillary Clinton a few years back as well.

Hillary school girl or pensioner?

Apparently Hillary confused the North Koreans because sometimes she dressed like a "school girl" and at other times she was dressed like a "pensioner," who was on their way shopping. She was described as "by no means intelligent" and she was also thought of as a "funny lady." While Hillary is a lot of things, she is no way funny. She can't land a joke no matter how hard she tries.

George W. Bush was nothing more than a "hooligan" who had the appearance of a "soaked chicken in the rain." Then there was Vice President Dick Cheney who was seen by the propaganda people as "mentally deranged" and a "blood thirsty beast" who was the "most cruel monster." Back when Donald Rumsfeld was Defense Secretary the North Koreans saw him as a "political dwarf" among other things.

Dirty fellow

It appears much of this was lost in translation as a man with a full head of hair was called hairless and you have to know their "funny lady" critique of Hillary Clinton was off, she can't land a joke when she tries at political events. Barack Obama is a lot of things, but he doesn't strike the masses as a "dirty fellow," in fact he always appears well groomed.It looks like North Korea can't even get the name calling correct!