Donald Trump dismissed Fbi Director James Comey, who conducted an investigation into the alleged connection of Trump's team with Russia, the New York Times reports. White House spokeswoman Sean Spicer said Comey was "released and removed from the office." Trump was supposedly advised by Major State Attorney Jeff Sessions and his deputy Rod Rosenstein, which shocked Washington.

The public is afraid of the constitutional crisis

Democrats reacted quickly and warned that this move would trigger a constitutional crisis because Trump removed the man who led the investigation against him.

Senator Dick Durbin has called on the White House to explain whether the investigation into Russia's engagement in the elections will continue and he added that "any attempt to halt the FBI investigation would cause very serious discussions about the constitution."

Trump said in a statement that the search for a new director would "start immediately." In his letter to Comey, he thanked him for having "informed him three times that he was not under investigation." He also wrote that "he agrees with the opinion of the Ministry of Justice that he is not capable of effectively managing the FBI." According to The Independent, Trump also said, "We need to find a new leadership that restores public trust and confidence.

National concern

A member of the Parliamentary Intelligence Committee, Eric Swalwell, was cited by the McClatchy DC Bureau as having said that Comey's dismissal would “should send a chill down the spine of every American, no matter who they voted for. “The administration of justice must remain free of political influence, and President Trump has just leaped over that line."

Several members of Congress, including Republican Senator John McCain, are calling for the establishment of an independent Commission for Investigating Relations between President and Russia.

McCain said Comey was "an honest and fair man."

Several Democrats have compared this move with the scandal of former President Richard Nixon. John Conyers stated that Trump brought the country to the edge of the constitutional crisis.

Trump's release of FBI director James Comey poses an important question as to what will happen with further investigation into his connection with Russia, New York Times writes. The FBI and the three congressional committees are investigating Russian engagement in the US election.