Illegal procedure

Fakhruddin Attar and his wife, Farida Attar, have both been arrested for assisting another doctor, Jumana Nagarwala, with the mutilation of the genitals of Young Girls in Michigan. The girls were all under the age of 10. Some of the girls' parents brought them all the way from Minnesota to have the illegal procedure done.

The specific procedure the doctor performed is practiced by the Dawoodi Bohra. It is a sect of Muslims in India. The procedure consists of removing the membrane from the girls' vaginas. The membrane is then given to the parents of the girls.

The parents then bury the membrane.

This procedure was described by Jumana Nagarwala, the doctor who actually performed the illegal procedure. The attorney claimed the doctor did not “cut” anything and never charged the parents of the girls who were mutilated.

In the name of Islam

The act of mutilating the genitals of women and girls is a felony in the United States. Despite this, it is a common practice around the world in Muslim countries. It is unknown how many women and girls have had their genitalia mutilated in the name of Islam. This common practice of Female Genital Mutilation is often performed in Islamic countries without any medical supervision, pain-relieving medications, or antibiotics.

This procedure has been known to be done by "female elders" in the community, sometimes by the girls' mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and even older sisters.

It was reported by NBC News that Farida Attar told one of the parents to “completely deny” what they had done to their daughter. This comment was overheard during a conversation intercepted by law enforcement.

She did not want anyone to know what she had been doing to the young girls that were victimized. It appears that she knew that what she did to the young girls was illegal.

Both Fakhruddin Attar and his wife, Farida Attar, are scheduled to appear in federal court on Friday. At the time of publication, it is unknown what will happen to the two Michigan doctors in terms of charges.