President Trump continues to push his plan to build the wall separating the United States from Mexico, but a recent poll suggests that Texan residents may not approve of the multi-billion dollar project.

Polls show a lack of Texan support for the wall

According to Raw Story, Texans overall felt that immigration was one of the most important issues the state is facing, but 72 percent didn't believe that a border wall would solve the immigration problems. Over 62 percent of those polled did not support mass deportations and felt that there had to be a better way to prevent immigrants from migrating to the United States.

Wall construction happening soon

Immigration will always be a huge problem for Texas since the state borders Mexico. President Trump is confident that the wall could solve some of the illegal immigration problems. Even though Trump has failed to secure funding for the wall, he remains hopeful that construction would begin in the summer.

Democrats threaten to shut the government down

The liberals do not support the wall and have made it known that they will close the government down before they approve the funding.

Trump is optimistic that without the Democratic support, he can still get the project funded.

Do you think Congress will approve the funding for the Mexican wall?