Official Chinese news agency 'Xinhua' accidentally declared 'North Korea launched a missile during the famous Day of the Sun Parade instead of exhibiting. Due to the rising tension between United States Of America and North Korea for the past few weeks, these false allegations thumped a lot of strain in the world arena. This is one of the most fallacious blunders made by China's most trusted official news agency after last year's typo error where President Xi Jinping was referred to as China's "last" leader.

Although Xinhua was very quick in correcting the mistake last year.

This time, it took a while to realise the mistake, and was henceforth swiftly corrected by the editors later.

Increased Tension

During the parade, North Korea displayed new kinds of ballistic missiles, a massive tank-like weapon equivalent to the Chinese DF-41, which is famous for it's flying distance of 9,000 miles. It is a mysterious weapon of great power which can be stricken towards a city as big as Chicago.

Other than weapons, the parade also disclosed tanks, missile launchers, guns, and submarines. Kim Jung-Un recently announced that North Korea is ready for war and that US-President Donald Trump's moves (like sending USS Carl Vinson to Korea's peninsula) provoked him to take hostile repercussions.

US-President Donald Trump tweeted and asked China to use it's leverage to stop the communist from commencing a war or USA will do it alone.

Not only that, Trump Administration is worried about Democratic People's Republic of Korea's next step as compared to the past because of country's advancement in nuclear weapons industry.

The administration also said that they have not yet decided how they are going to retaliate or respond to any Nuclear Tests performed by North Korea in future.


Last year, North Korea conducted a Nuclear Test using thermonuclear powers which according to sources, brought country's nuclear power to another level. United Nations Ex -Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon called those tests highly troubling.

Since last year, North Koreans has been developing Taepodong-2 missile, which has the capacity of flying upto the United States of America and hit hard.

The US Secretary of State John Kerry once said, "We do not and will not accept North Korea as a nuclear-armed state, and actions such as this latest test only strengthen our resolve." Kim Jung-un's next move could be very dangerous.